Bitch Pillow

birch tree pillow

birch tree pillow

birch tree pillow

Bitch Pillow

  • Made of Birch Bark 60 % + Buckwheat Hull 40 %
  • Efficacy of Natural Birch Tree Forest Smell
  • Natural Dyed in Persimmon Water in Jeju Island Origin
  • Premium Traditional Handmade Pillow
  • Two Layers Pillow Cover of Natural Dyed Persimmon Water


birch tree pillow

birch tree pillow



Wisdom of Life : Five Elements of Good Pillow

  1. The living nature of animation has to be diffusive ( Materials tends to clean the brain )
  2. Treatment for cool head and warm foot ( cotton, sponge, wool are not good )
  3. Not to be too hard or soft ( feeling to rest head on rice bag is ideal )
  4. Suitable pillow height is 6 – 8 cm, high and low height may cause short-lived.
  5. Good Ventilation ( soft cotton, chemical fiber is not good breathability )



Efficacy of Birch Bark

During Several hundreds of long years in the ground there is no rot and no insects occur.

Taste is bitter and the nature is cold, and there is an effect of headache relief as well as antipyretic to eliminate the appearance by lowering the heat..


Quilting, Sewing is stuck with tradition hand-knitted method of traditional formula that features the finest traditional costumes and bedding.

Hand-knitting is enough to use long interval because betwe Efficacy of anti-bacterial /anti-inflammatory and circulation promotion, to help to provide the protection of the face skin and hair loss prevention. In birch country Finland, the birch bark head band is used to relieve the headache by connecting to head during headache and further students use this band to promote the brain when studying.and learning.


Natural Persimmon Dyed Galchun cloth in Jeju Island – Pillow Cover
Sun, wind, dew in Jeju island make original natural persimmon dyed Jeju Galchun that has good air permeability, cool due to low thermal conductivity and resistance so to moisture that does not stick to the cloth even though sweat.

Persimmon extract does the role of anti-septic and so dyed cloth does not rot.

There is anti-bacterial activity in atopic dermatitis in Galchun cloth and so anti-bacterial effect of force in such as fungal, bacteria has been authenticated.

Traditional Handmade Pillow Cover

en the reverse stitch is finer than that of the general quilt machine and there is no deformation.


Two layers of pillow cover
Handmade birch nark pillow covers made of two layers of Galchun cloth keep oriental luxury and elegant novelty long time without deformation even though frequent washing.


Birch Baby Pillows, Birch Mats and Birch Hair Bands are available.


Enjoy Handmade Birch Bark Pillows Healthy & Comfortably !!!



Size : 42 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm 1.1 Kg



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