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hydraulic exercise equipment

hydraulic exercise equipment


Welcome to Haekeon Corporation

Established over 30 years ago, Haekeon Corporation is the foremost International Export and Import Management Company in a variety of industries exclusively representing more than 10 companies from Australia, Germany, Korea, USA, UK and South Africa.


We proudly offer rapid and impeccable service to our network of distributors and buyers, exporting products across the globe as well as importing top-quality products worldwide.


Our depth of experience and knowledge of international trade will help your business grow.


Our Product Groups are

Industrial Power Products

  • TECPOS Hydraulic & Air Liquid Power Products.
  • Used Construction, Agricultural & Marine Equipment.

Household Products

  • Dongwha Wood Washbasin.
  • Galjungi Birch Bark Pillows & Natural Fabric Clothes.

Food Products

  • HT Macadamia Fruit & Nut Bars.
  • Gangyung Korean Pickled Fish.

Road Repairing Products

  • Cold Asphalt.
  • Pothole Patching Equipment


We have been specializing in the promotion of International Trade with Top-Quality Products since 1985.

Our goals are to develop and market the unique products that we represent more effectively and efficiently, and to provide users with reliable products support service.



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