2017-04-13 14:17
To Purchase & Marketing Division ;

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to introduce the innovative low power weight ratio Wankel Rotary Engines that have International Patents with unique advanced technical benefits as

below ;

- Small Dimension - Compact Size.: Fuel Efficiency, 25 - 35 % size of tradidtional engines

- Low Weight & High Power - Low Power Weight Ratio

- Low Emission : Environment Friendly

- Low Vibration : Noise Reduction

- Multi-Fuel Ability - Low Sensitivity Concerning Lower Fuel Quality : Gasoline, Diesel,Bio-Diesel, LPG, Waste Oil,

- High Endurance : Comparing traditional reciprocating piston engines, it achieved much low weight with Endurance.

- Low Maintenaqnce : Modular Desing Concept

- Low Production Expenditure by a High Power Variety

Current unrivaled products range include : Wankel Engines - KKM 350 Series

Wankel Generators - KKM 550 Series

Wankel Outboard Propulsions - L Series

For more information on our products detail, please refer to the attached brochures and also visit our websire at www.haekeon with a click on youtube video

to see the Wankel Engines in action !

We are loooking for distributors worldwide and should you have any interest in working with us,

please feel free to contact us with possible Letter of Intent for Business Cooperation.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, we remain.

Best regards,


Director, Sales & Marketing

HaeKeoin Corporation

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