Export Distribution of Crown Confectionary ( Made in South Korea)

HaeKeon Corporation
2017-08-23 16:46
Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to introduce our company as an export distributor of Crown Confectionary for the delicious

confectionary products as below.

- Biscuits ( 14 items )
- Cake ( 5 items )
- Snack ( 11 items )
- Candy, Chocolate ( 13 items )

SInce 1941, Crown Confectionary have always been doing the best to provide high quality food that is good

enough to feed our own children, and will always strive to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Attached please find our elegant confectionary products brochures for your kind consideration and give us any

inquiry enabling us to quote you our best price.

Should you have any questions or need supports, please feel free to conact me at any time.

Thank you.

Best regards,


HaeKeon Corporation
첨부파일 : Catalog of Crown.pdf
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